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 Eanor's bed

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PostSubject: Eanor's bed   Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:40 pm

I opened the door silently and looked left and right. Nobody there.
Without noise, I crept in and walked over to my bed. Kicking my shoes off, I put my bag down and let myself fall on the bed. Too happy this schoolday was over.
I rolled over onto my belly and started braiding a strain of hair.
Getting up, I left as silently as I had entered.

Dis is my home Smile

Eanor - Sorceress - age 15

Arc'hantael "Awen" - Sorceress - age 15 - Tuatha dé Danann

Aalana - Knight - age 15 - Lineage of Morgause


Morann - Sorceror - age 16 - Lineage of Bran mac Llyr
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Eanor's bed
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