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 Zachary's characters

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PostSubject: Zachary's characters   Fri Apr 13, 2012 11:39 am

Name: Olórin Greyhame Mithrandir

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: January 25th, 1994

Place of Origin: New Zealand

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 5' 11

Physical Description:

Olórin has long blonde hair, and a somewhat of a pointed face. He also wears luxurious robes.

Talents: Fireworks (He makes very elaborate fire works). He is also very good at making smoke rings when he has a pipe. He is also known for his wisdom, and his prowess with magic. He's a good leader.

Flaws: Olórin is a very mysterious man, and often very vague in his wording, such the saying he often uses "A wizard is never late. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to." His trust is a very hard thing to gain, although Olórin is still friendly. He also has the patron of mercy, whether that be good or bad, and will let enemies live, never killing anything unless he absolutely needs to (and this is when his friends are in danger). He can also be very mean when something bad happens, or when he is ignored.

Sorceror or Knight?: Sorcerer

Magic style (Sorceror only. Please explain as carefully as possibly about the magic type): Olórin is proficient in the art of fire magic and light, along with so with magical kinesis and can shoot lightning out of his staff. All of these do drain him, but with his practice he is able to cast 25 spells a day.

Fire balls- Can make a fire ball, as big as 4 inches in radius, and can shoot it forward.

Multicolored fire- Can cast a multicolored fire that burns nearly anything.

Lightning strike- Can shoot a lightning bolt out of his staff.

Illumination- Can make his staff glow with light.

Blinding light- Can make a blinding light.

Magical kinesis- Can lift things with magic, up to 200 pounds. This works for 3 seconds until he must use another cast. It can slow down things over 200 pounds.

Hobbies: Smoking from his pipe, studying ancient stories, expanding his knowledge base, and becoming wiser. He also likes helping people for a just cause.

Personal History: Olórin was born on January 25th, 1994 to his mother, Linda, who died when she gave birth. His father, Tharkun, who was a wizard himself. From a very young age, Olórin was told of ancient stories, ones too serious for any normal person to consider a bed time story, along with being read Plato, Archimedes, Aristotle, and other philosophic figures, and was very wise for his age. He was also taught how to speak and read by the age of 4, and read fluently at 6. He was taught magic by his father in this time too, and started with very small balls of fire. He eventually learned how to make electricity, too. He lived near Zack at the time too, and they became friends. At the age of 11, he was sent to Camelot High, and is one of the top students there.

RP Example:
"Hey, Olo." Whispered Zack beside him. He was located one desk over, and was taking notes furiously.

Olórin never really liked being called 'Olo', preferring his regular first name instead. But this was Zack, his friend, so he let it slide.

"I'm taking notes." Olórin spoke to him, and although he whispered, his voice was deep, so it hardly mattered.

"I know, but look at Porthos up there! He's sleeping!" Zack whispered back, pointing discretely to Porthos.

"If you were paying attention, I think you might be getting as high as a grade I am in this class. You know you are smart, why not apply yourself?" Olórin asked Zack. This was true. Zack was very good, if not better than Olórin himself when he applied himself, but that was rare. It always struck Olórin odd that he didn't apply himself much.

"Shush, you sound like my mom." Zack chuckled.

"Be happy you have one." He told him. He wasn't touchy about his mom dying like most people would be, as he never knew his mom, but Olórin was humble.

"No, I didn't mean it like that... I don't apply myself because I can do stuff at minimal effort and still get by. I'm smart, as you know, but why work hard when doing nothing gets you the same place?"

"Because you need to challenge yourself. Leave me to my notes," He whispered back. Zack looked disappointed, but did as Olórin said. After a couple more minutes, the bell rang. He and Zack waved good bye to the teacher, and left the class alongside his friend.

Notes: It's based off of Gandalf, if you couldn't guess. He's also best friends with Zack. He carries a wooden staff that has a diamond entwined in it at the top. The staff is six feet tall. He is also able to call a Giant Eagle one time per week to help him in a time of need, as he helped the leader of the Giant Eagles when he was a kid, as the leader was ill.


Name: Zachary Roy Elessar

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: December 27th, 1993. (He failed once, so he's in the same class as Olórin)

Place of Origin: America, but was raised in New Zealand.

Hair Colour: A dark blonde.

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 5'11

Physical Description: Zack has long hair (Although not as long as Olórin's), and reaches to an inch below his shoulders. He has a 'strong' nose, and has the rest of his face built like Olórin's. He's fairly skinny, but has dense muscles, as he has been training for a long time.

Talents: Zack is superb with the sword, and prides himself with his mastery of dual wielding. Zack is a born leader, also. He works better under stress than relaxation, which helps him in the heat of battle. He, if he actually applies himself to something, is very, very good at it, although he rarely does this.

Flaws: Zack is stubborn, and would risk his life for anyone (even his enemies). He also bottles his anger. He often talks to himself, aloud if alone, and in his head when he's with others.

Sorceror or Knight?: Knight.

Hobbies: Zack likes to train until his arms can't swing anymore. He likes adventuring, and getting away from the normal. He also reads, but not as much as Olórin.

Personal History: Zack was born in Elgin, Illinois to his mother, Anna, and his father, Richard. The soon moved to New Zealand, near where his future greatest friend lived, Olórin. Zack's father there taught him the ways of the sword, and Zack learned very quickly as he was interested in the art of swordplay, and applied himself. Zack didn't want have the same fighting style as his dad, though, so he started learning how to dual wield long swords at an early age, too. Soon, he met Olórin, whom he often called 'Olo', and they became best of friends. They would journey into the forest together, for fun, and do other best friend things. At 11, he went to Camelot High without his friend, and did good, but in his second year he failed because he didn't have his ADHD taken care of then, and was most hyper. He later took pills for it, and eventually stopped because he learned how to settle down without the medication.

RP Example: Zack walked out with Olo, and walked by the left of him, keeping the same pace as his friend, but a bit farther ahead.

"Why do you care so much about the way I work?" Zack smiled and asked him. Olo gave him a look.

"Because I know you're better than that. Do you remember that one sword fighting class?"

"Of course I do." Zack said, taking a sharp right, Olo following him to his next class, which was upstairs.

"And the way you passed the final exam with flying colors?"

"Hopefully not your multicolored flames, I heard those were deadly." Zack chuckled.

"No, the test in which you had to fight the teacher in a duel?"

"Yes, yes. He was old though, his beard was down to his chest. I don't think that counted-"

"Age does not matter. Have I not told you this before? You beat the teacher in a duel. A fair sword fighting duel."

"Okay, so what?" He asked, walking up steps.

"No one else had beat him."

"Everyone else there was as slow as snails. They couldn't defend themselves even if-"

"Don't judge people like that." Olórin had interrupted, taking a left to their next class.

"Okay, fine, but look Olo, so what if no one else beat him and I did? That shows nothing. It was just luck that I won."

"And luck that you applied yourself in that class?"

"Okay, I admit. I was good in there because I applied myself. But that gives you no reason to assume that I'll do good in a class that's super boring, like history- but I know you like that class." Zack said, walking down the final stretch of doors.

"Yes, I do like history. I also have learned to expect better of you. Please, try and do better." Olórin replied, opening to the door for Zack as Zack nodded politely and walked in. He took his seat next to Olo.

"As soon as these classes become more interesting." He smiled back to him.

Notes: When his anger finally explodes, he goes into a berserker furry, which he attacks with all his might, friends and foe alike. It wears off after 10 minutes. He carries two steel long swords. Zack is very gentlemanly, and, although not as wise as his friend, can get philosophic and speak in 'wise-a-nese.'
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PostSubject: Re: Zachary's characters   Sat Apr 14, 2012 9:46 am

Done working on it.

Zachary Roy Elessar, age 18, knight. He dual wields long swords. Snake Eater (Instrumental) - Norihiko Hibino

Olórin Greyhame Mithrandir, age 17, sorcerer. Sorcerer's Apprentice - Paul Abraham Dukas
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PostSubject: Re: Zachary's characters   Sat Apr 14, 2012 11:11 am

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PostSubject: Re: Zachary's characters   

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Zachary's characters
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