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 Vyachek Arseniovits

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PostSubject: Vyachek Arseniovits   Fri May 04, 2012 9:56 am

Name:Vyachek Arseniovits
School year*:10
Place of Origin:Russia
Hair color: black
Eye Color:black
Physical Description: a light, lean
Talents:Playing flute
Flaws**:Anger issues, fear of heights, lack of respect for higher officials
Sorceror or Knight?:sorcerer
Magic style: necromancy- can talk to the dead(not summon), can cast light curses(nothin serious), can summon demons to help him(te stronger the demon the more energy is drained from him),small healing spells
Hobbies:playing flute
Personal History***:Vyachek was born in the northen part of Russia. His father and mother were both from a long line of necromancers. They took pride in their rich heritage and expected Vyachek to be perfect. Every time he would make the slightest mistake, they would punish him. Unable to take the abuse, Vyachek ran away, ending up at an orphanage in Moscow. Later that year, he was enrolled into Camelot high.
RP Example***: 'corriders' I thought as I walked through the school.'lots and lots of corridors.' I sigh, resting my hand on the wall, as I stopped. "rather boring." I say to no one, but the walls. I start to walk again, tracing the wall with my hand. "More and more corridors."
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PostSubject: Re: Vyachek Arseniovits   Fri May 04, 2012 10:09 am


Oriana Rose-Year 11-Sorceress (light and dark powers)
Annemae Rose-Year 11-Knight
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Vyachek Arseniovits
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