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 If You Screw Up, This Happens.

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PostSubject: If You Screw Up, This Happens.   Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:42 am


Disrespecting Another Member:

1st Offense: 12 hour ban
2nd Offense: 24 hour ban
3rd Offense: 48 hour ban
4th Offense: Complete Berto Wipeout
5th Offense: Permanent ban from site

Starting A Fight

1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: 24 hour ban
3rd Offense: Week long ban
4th Offense: Permanent ban from the site


1st-2nd Offense: Warning
3rd Offense: 24 hour ban


1st to 3rd Offense: Warning On-Post, C-Box, or PM
4th Offense: 24 Hour Ban
5th Offense: 36 Hour Ban
6th Offense: 48 Hour Ban
7th Offense: If you still don't get it, Account Deletion.
Note: Due to the fact that some Powerplays are completely accidental, A user's powerplay record is reset after a month without powerplaying, thus removing the possibility of someone powerplaying once a month, and getting kicked after 7 montyhs. Accidents will happen, after all.


1st-3rd Offense: 3 warnings
4th Offense: 24 hour ban
5th Offense: 72 hour ban

* Consequences may differ depending on the severity of the situation and warning/ban history of the member.
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If You Screw Up, This Happens.
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