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 Belle Laroy

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PostSubject: Belle Laroy   Fri May 04, 2012 11:34 am

Name: Belle Laroy
Gender: Female
Age: 16
School year*: 11
Place of Origin: Russia
Hair Colour: Black thick mane of hair.
Eye Colour: Brown (Although her eyes turn a gold-like color when she uses magic)
Height: 5'4
Physical Description: She has beautiful black thick hair, with the pale skin that contrasts with it. She has full lips, with delicate eyebrows. They look plucked, but that is how they naturally are grown. She's also skinny, but not too skinny to make her look unhealthy. Though remember the quote, beauty is hard work. She often has to make sure she wears sunscreen, due to her procelein colored skin, and she's afraid of aging spots. She often wears a red cloak, that shadows her face. The teachers don't really mind, since she manages to answer the question correctly most of the time. She has big feet, and she often feels shameful about it, though she knows no boy will have a crush on her, due to her aggressive nature. When she doesn't wear her red cloak, people often call her dressing style "hipster". People also, when they catch a glimpse of her in the forest, with her bow and arrows, mistaken her for a elf or some gentle creature of sort.
Talents: She has a great aim, good at long-range weapons, smooth talker, great at blending in, knows the pressure points (somewhat like Ty Lee from the Last Airbender)
Flaws**: She has big feet, she's new to magic so she isn't very experienced in it, she's quite the aggressor, gets often into fights, she's not great with close-range weapons, stubborn, not that good at running.
Sorceror or Knight?: Sorceror
Magic style (Sorceror only. Please explain as carefully as possibly about the magic type): Darkness. Now you may ask yourself, how can this be a magic type? Well if there's any shadows nearby, she's able to cloak herself with those shadows, and make herself close to invisible, but she's still not good at this and doesn't know of this power, since she hasn't discovered what type of magic type does she have. Also to cloak herself in shadows, it takes great skill to be focused to will the shadows to do this. Also she still has to make sure it is the right color and will not turn lighter then the rest of the shadows. The shadow-cloaking can only cover her body like armor, and she can only do this for about an hour. Also people can see her, if they are very focused, and aren't distracted by people or such. Also, she can make shadow-balls which are like purple-flames. They're the size of baseballs, and she can produce about twenty-five per day, once she's experienced enough. She can also shadow-travel which is where she she can basically teleport about anywhere where there is a shadow. She absorbs the shadow, and it's basically like her fuel, as if she were a car. The maximum of feet she can travel away from are 100 feet. Though if she basically absorbs her own shadow (a person's shadow) she's only able to teleport 20 feet. Whenever she teleports, (if you saw Harry Potter, and how Voldemort's side somehow teleports/travels leaving behind a dark trail) she basically leaves behind a trail of darkness, but it disappears after a minute. If a person was clutching onto her, she would be able to make them teleport with her, but they'll only be able to travel ten feet if she only absorbs one human shadow. (Please for the teleport thing, I really want that :c and I swear I won't overuse it and stuff!!!! I'll even add in more flaws and stuff like that)
Hobbies: Getting into fights, doing homework, listening to music, taking nature walks, and practicing with the bow and arrows. Also she likes to read.
Personal History***: Belle doesn't have any sob story of any kind. She lived in a middle class family, and often was quite the loner. She resorted into reading books, and spending time on the Internet. She lived up to her name, being beautiful, though she hides it, not because she wants to make drama out of it, it's just she doesn't feel comfortable with it and well just hates the world because people mainly judge others on looks.
RP Example***: Belle bitterly tried to make a silly pose. No cool lightning bolt. Nothing. Nada. She let out a groan, as she banged her head lightly against the wall. After all, she didn't want to bruises herself, and she found comical to do this. She immediately stopped, and resumed to work.
Notes: She still can't figure out what is her magic style, so at the moment she's trying to experiment and currently relies onto the bow and arrows.


Belle Leroy
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PostSubject: Re: Belle Laroy   Fri May 04, 2012 11:37 am

Approved... if a little scary to me xD

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Belle Laroy
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