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 Work in Progress: Thomas Ellis

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PostSubject: Work in Progress: Thomas Ellis   Thu May 17, 2012 1:44 am

Name:Thomas Ellis
School year*:new arrival
Place of Origin:Oklahoma, Tulsa, and Marquette Michigan
Hair Colour:brownish black
Eye Colour:olive green
Physical Description:
Thomas is about average on appearances. his eyes do have some blue tinges, and his dark brown hair looks black whenever it is wet, or in certain lights. He has a unique build, however. he has a fairly sturdy build that is actually a lot more limber than he looks. his muscles are a lot like coiled springs: nothing much to look at, but their pretty strong. Thomas also has a smile that is oddly feral, due to a pair of teeth that grew oddly, giving him a look like a werewolf, minus the attitude. has a medium build, lightly muscular. built more to travel, than anything...
Talents:good with his weapon combo, a sword and ping pong paddle. knows some minor healing magic
Flaws**:Hates Rap and Dubstep, instant distrust of people who like that sort of thing. sees all music besides Rock as "Unclean" has a tendency to look down on people who look down on others.
Sorceror or Knight?: Knight/Healing Mage
Magic style (Sorceror only. Please explain as carefully as possibly about the magic type):can use his energy to directly heal others, but not himself. energy cost is the same as it would take to heal the wound normally. He can also, once a day, TRANSFER an injury from someone, including himself, to another, including himself, allowing him to heal one at another's expense, heal himself at another's expense, or to heal another at his own expense.
Hobbies:joking around, playig video games, on the computer RPing(lol), practicing sword/ping pong paddle combat.
Personal History***:Let’s see... life before he found out he was a warrior mage/medic was, like, short, to say the least. When he was 5, his mother sustained a severe injury to the head, and Thomas accidently saved her with a touch of his hand, healing her partially, and transferring the rest of the damage to his dog, who soon died afterward. Thomas was saddened by the death of the dog, but when his mother spoke to him, he was overjoyed that she was alive. Thomas was taken to CH soon after, and began training immediately. Once, on a visit home, he was testing out a sword his mother said belonged to his father, a sword known as the Battle Cry. Thomas was taking a look at it, and decided to keep it. It was a bit large for him, but he grew into it.
RP Example***:Thomas walked into Camelot High, curious as to why the thing had to be a large castle. ah wells, the boy would figure it out.
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Work in Progress: Thomas Ellis
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