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 My 1st character

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PostSubject: My 1st character   Sat May 26, 2012 4:25 pm

Name:Reagan McKentire
School year*:10
Place of Origin:Australia
Hair Colour:Dark Brown with a red streak on her
Eye Colour:Brown
Physical Description:Reagan has straight brown hair which is so dark its almost black.She has an athletes body;skinny and muscular.She is sorta short for her age but doesnt mind.Lastly,she braces that are normal colors.
Talents:She is a skilled archer,she can do karate, gymnastics and she plays softball.
Flaws**:She has a bad habit of biting her bottom lip, she uses her sarcasam quite frequently,and bites her nails.
Sorceror or Knight?:Knight
Magic style (Sorceror only. Please explain as carefully as possibly about the magic type):
Hobbies:Reading, Archery,hanging out with her friends and playing softball
Personal History***:Reagan was born and raised in not the pretty beach with the sand and the surf but in the desert part. Luckily the school bus goes that far. In school she was bullied alot for her braces and was called metal mouth.Her life was pleasant other than that. She was invited to play on her friends neighborhood softball team. She was the star pitcher,she struck EVERYONE out and was also the star batter.She was middle class and lived in a normal two story house.Her mom is a wildlife vet who travels everywhere to tend to hurt animals. Reagan barely knows her mom but that doesnt stop her from living her life.
RP Example***:"STRIKE ONE!" the ump called as I pitched my first ball "Dont screw this up...its your first day on the team...only two more.." I think to myself. The ball, steady in my mitt..the mitt,making my palms sweat. I get in position and swing,putting my all into it. These last two pitches may cost us the game..we were only winning by one point. "STRIKE TWO!" I heard my friends cheering me on. I heard the batters friends cheering her on. We were sorta the same people but here for diffrent puropses..we were here to beat them. They were here to beat us. This last pitch MIGHT cost us the whole game if I didnt get it right. I felt the persperation running down my face as I pitch with all my might. My eye on the bat the whole time it was a swing and miss....we WON!!!
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PostSubject: Re: My 1st character   Wed May 30, 2012 3:36 pm


Dis is my home Smile

Eanor - Sorceress - age 15

Arc'hantael "Awen" - Sorceress - age 15 - Tuatha dé Danann

Aalana - Knight - age 15 - Lineage of Morgause


Morann - Sorceror - age 16 - Lineage of Bran mac Llyr
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My 1st character
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