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 Fourth charrie

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PostSubject: Fourth charrie   Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:50 pm

NOM, NAME の. Morann (mac Llyr).

GENDER の Male.

AGE の 16

PLACE OF ORIGINE の Island of Man (where he was born)



EYE COLOURのA grey wave-blue. Yeah, weird colour.


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTIONの Morann is very tall, he's the tallest of his grade (perhaps even the school). He has a sun-tanned skin with nearly invisible little freckles. His hair is dark brown, fine, shiny and descends almost on shoulder-length. He's the slim type, with long legs and arms. His nose is pointy and his wave-blue eyes are long. He has horizontal eyebrows but a kind of determinate air to him. He smells of wind and salt, like the waves. He has this natural elegance slim people possess, and he dresses mostly in blue, grey, white and black.


MAGICAL STYLE の Morann has powers over the sea and the tempests; he's the descendant of Bran mac Llyr or Manannan mac Llyr. He can command the strength of the waves, though, of course he can't order a tsunami. He can summon a sea tempest and have a light mist come around something/someone. A sea tempest, no hurricane. Just big black/grey clouds filled with thick rain and lightnings. Of course, he can summon this tempest on the land, but it's not as strong as it is on sea. He's more powerful near the sea, which seems logic, since he's of the Tribe of Llyr.

TALENTS の Morann excells at every task that has to do with the sea. Be it fishing, swimming, commanding a ship, every water sport....
He's good at riding, too. He plays instruments as well, celtic harp and piano. He's quite of geek too, spending most of his free time on the computer, even though he's very close to nature. Morann is sometimes the funny type. Oh, and he can tell stories and legends in a very good way.

FLAWS のHe's lazy, and during the last year, he got bad marks, so now he's really trying to get over with it and get good ones. He's sometimes irascible but tries to control himself; most of the time, he's very calm.

HOBBIES の Riding, spending time outside, playing the instruments stated before, geeking.

PERSONAL HISTORY のMorann was born on the Island of Man. He lived there in a village until his sixth year, then his family moved to Ireland. He has two sisters, they have powers too, but they're too young to use them (the elder one has metamorphose powers, while the younger one has ubiquity powers). He went to school normally, and then they moved once again, to the Mont Saint Michel, in France (so he can speak Manx language, English (with a strong Irish accent) and French).
He's the descendant of Bran mac Llyr (or Manannan mac Llyr), and his objects are still in the family/tribe. They have the blazing helmet, though only a knight is to use it, but his horse Brennan, is too a descendant of Bran's horse, who carries the same name. The invisibility cloak is hidden by someone of the tribe. But the boat belongs to Morann's father, and he gave it to his son as soon his powers were acknowledged and he was sent to Camelot High.

RP EXAMPLE の Camelot's walls were rising high in the sky, and a soft wind was breathing around the watchtowers. Morann's grey shoes were tapping on the dark stone, making it echo a bit, as the wind blew through his hair. It was a pretty afternoon, and he stopped on the paved way, his gaze lost in the blue-yellow sky. Under him, the trees were shivering, and it was as if the entire forest was moving and living. He put his arm on the wall and bent over, looking down.
A move at the corner of his eye drew his gaze to the right. A young girl was there - well, young. His age. Perhaps less. She had blonde hair and an icy thing to her; he immediately recognized her. Ashley.

- Hi Ashley, he said, leaning now with his hip against the wall. Nice view, isn't it?

NOTESの He has blue snakes tattooed (not permanently) around his wrists.

Dis is my home Smile

Eanor - Sorceress - age 15

Arc'hantael "Awen" - Sorceress - age 15 - Tuatha dé Danann

Aalana - Knight - age 15 - Lineage of Morgause


Morann - Sorceror - age 16 - Lineage of Bran mac Llyr
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Fourth charrie
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