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PostSubject: Character........   Fri May 25, 2012 9:52 pm

Name: Meridan Eleanor Kilravock A.K.A. red arrow
School year*:11
Place of Origin:kilravock, Scotland 
Hair Colour:curly red hair that would be four feet if straight
Eye Colour:light blue
Physical Description:
Talents:archery, horseback riding, sword fighting, exploring, spying, somewhat kleptomaniac, sneaking, finding secret panels, safe opening, martial arts, proper English, high society manners
Flaws**:being told what to do, heights, headstrong 
Sorceror or Knight?:sorcerer 
Magic style (Sorceror only. Please explain as carefully as possibly about the magic type):
Hobbies:archery, horseback riding, smithing, diplomacy, espionage, reading
Personal History***: Meridan was born into the life of luxery and riches.  She won the best archer in scotland for 4 years in a row and is constantly getting better. at age 14 she was sent to camelot high and has been there ever since.  She also is the oldest of three younger brothers.  Also before CH she was caught and found guilty of shoplifting.
RP Example***:I walk out to the stables slowly. I can smell the pine trees to my left and the odor of fresh pies behind me coming from the kitchen. I continue on and when I arrive there I open up the stall to my horse, angus. I walk to the back of his stall and pick up his normal sadle not the fancy one and strap it on him. I sling my fully loaded quiver off my shoulder and attach it to the saddle firmly then I got on angus and he whinnied at me. I pulled the reins and kicked his side lightly and he walked out of the stable towards the dark path that went into the woods.
Notes:firey, headstrong, persistent, Passionate, has a horse named angus

Zachary kilravock/15/knight/claymore type broadsword and double bladed 1ft knifes


Zachary's armor

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